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    The Internet price list format with arbitrary tags is a serial data stream, and therefore, is the most convenient way to transfer information through communication channels.

    XML is widely used to generate price lists. Take note that this format without predefined tags is not the same as the Excel XML table format (XML Spreadsheet 2003 for Windows and XML Spreadsheet 2004 for Mac).

    A price list in the format "XML Spreadsheet 2003" is a regular tabular price list. It opens in Excel as a table, the column numbers of which are visible on the top.

    No separators are required when setting up a supplier form for processing price lists of this type.

    xml/yml format with custom tags

    Also has rows and columns delimited by tags on both sides. If you open the file with Notepad++ or Notepad, you can see the product as a price list line:

    The image above shows that each product in the price list begins with the <offer tag (with a space at the end) and ends with the </offer> tag (underlined in red lines).

    Columns are numbered in red in the example. These are the same column numbers that are used in setting up the supplier form.

    The <offer tag is not the only tag that a price list product can start with. This format "with arbitrary tags" allows any tags to be used:

    for example, tag <model, item, product, etc.

    Repeated tags

    The repeated tags in the file are an array of data represented in a table in one column. For example:

    The <pictures> column contains three product image links. In a tabular price list, it would look like this:

    The plugin uses its own separator |*|

    And the <param column would span two columns of the tabular price list 9 and 10:


    The xml-yml format with arbitrary tags allows placing a list of categories at the beginning of the file. If this list is built according to the following standard

    then the plugin can work with it:

    • Create categories
    • Fill in the "Category and Margin" tab

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