The plugin works on the server, not on your computer. What does that mean?:

    • You can't stop it by pressing a button on your keyboard.
    • You can't open/refresh your site with the same browser until it works.

    How the price list is processed?

    The plugin reads every line from the price list and processes it:

    • If the line does not contain a product SKU or price, the line is skipped.
    • Checks (by SKU) whether there is such a product in the store. If not, it can add a product, if there is, it will update the product, in accordance with the selected action and your settings.
    • Writes to the report files the result of line processing (errors and report files are in the admin/uploads folder on your server). Processing errors are written to the errors.tmp file and successes are written to the report.tmp file.
    • Writes the line number and product SKU to the admin/uploads/sos file in case of a timeout, in order to be able to continue processing the price list from the next line, and not from the beginning.


    The plugin does not require a lot of server RAM, since only one line of the price list (one product) is processed at a time.

    The timeout will not stop the processing of the price list, but will only interrupt it until you refresh the browser page (F5). Refreshing the browser page will "push" the plugin to work further.

    A product added to the store using a plugin is no different from a manually created product.

    When updating a product, the plugin does not delete the product in order to record it again, but only edits its individual parts.

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