In order to protect our copyrights we use file protection and you will need a license key to work with the module.

    The module comes with two license keys with different permissions.

    The first one is domain restricted. You can use it with one domain only.

    The second one is IP restricted. Which gives you the possibility to use it with another domain or subdomains.

    Both of these keys will work independently.

    The license key is portable. You can deactivate it on one domain or IP and activate it on another.

    How to move your license to another domain

    • Go to the key deactivation page
    • Enter your user and key you want to deactivate
    • Click the button "Сбросить"
    • After that, you can use the key on another domain.
    • Additionally, with the button "Посмотреть мои ключи" you can check where your keys are activated.

    This way you can use the module on different sites and activate them when needed.

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