Price List. Where to find It?

    On your computer

    If you click the "Start" button in the lower-left corner of the plugin interface

    use price list from your computer

    you can select the price list file on your computer.

    The price list will be uploaded to the server using the POST method and placed in the server's cache as a temporary file. Price list processing starts automatically.

    Here you should keep in mind that each server has a limit on the size of the POST request, and it is quite possible that the server will refuse to accept a price list file that is too large.

    To increase the maximum file upload size, you need to increase the value of the post_max_size PHP variable in the php.ini file if possible, for example post_max_size = 30M

    On the server, in the admin/uploads folder

    If it is impossible to increase the post_max_size parameter, you should upload the price list using FTP to the server, to the admin/uploads folder

    Rename the price list file according to the supplier's form number, keeping its extension:

    price list upload

    You can find the supplier form number here:

    strat the price list processing from the server

    To start the price list processing click the corresponding form number from the main module page.

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