Product add mode

    In product add mode, the plugin adds the same product name and description for all site languages:

    This text is either parsed from the donor site product page or loaded from the price list:

    In the supplier's form "Product name" field is enough to indicate the price list column number containing the product name (same for the "Product description" field).

    Attributes are added differently.

    You can add different texts in different languages by filling in the price list column numbers separated by commas, regardless of the plugin operation mode.

    You can add the same text for all languages:

    Product update mode

    The plugin can work with maximum three languages at the same time.

    At the very top image, you can see that each language has its own number - language_id. In our example, If you arrange the languages in ascending number order, you will get this sequence:

    Russian, English, Ukrainian

    you should list the price list column numbers in this order in the supplier form:


    • column 2 contains the product name in Russian
    • column 19 contains the product name in English
    • column 20 contains the product name in Ukrainian

    As a result of this setting, the product names in all three languages will be updated simultaneously in the product.

    If you want to update the product name for only one language (for example, in Ukrainian), only one column number should be filled in:

    and set this language ID in this field:

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