Product Exhausted. Parsing

    Let's say that the supplier's product pages display the product quantity and the code fragment looks like this:

    The quantity is underlined with a red line.

    If the product URL is in column 12. The parsing parameters will be: qu=" and " since the number 23 is between them:

    (the parameters are separated by a comma).

    But the qu=" parameter is also found above (underlined with a blue line). In this case, the plugin will parse the first occurrence: "UAH".

    So you need to indicate the text from which the plugin should start parsing the web page:

    (the blue underlined text).

    Usually, the quantity of the product is not available on the product page. The above example is intended to show how parsing is set up. Updating product quantities by parsing is not reliable. The best way to keep the quantities up to date is to update them regularly from the supplier's price list.

    Most often, the supplier's page code fragment looks like this:

    On product pages you can find a text indicating the product stock: "few items left", "available" or "In Stock". Also, you can find the product availability text if the structured data is generated on the page.

    OpenCart requires the product quantity to be a number, that's why we have to add an interpreter in the settings:

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