Product Description. Parsing

    First check the donor site encoding:

    Select it in the supplier form:

    Example 1

    The description is parsed exactly the same way as the product name. For example, part of the donor page looks like this:

    The parsing parameters are underlined with red lines:  id="tab-description">,</div></div> </div>

    Set the supplier form this way:

    As you can see, the description contains an image link (highlighted with a gray background), so if you do not want the plugin to remove it, you have to enable this button:

    Example 2

    There is a problem with the second parsing parameter - the end of the fragment. The </div> parameter is not suitable, because it is also found inside the description (underlined with a red line).

    Spaces in the parameters are not reliable and not recommended to use, so it will not work and this

    id="tab-description">,</div>   </div>

    You can't use the parameter class="tab-pane" either, since an unclosed <div will get into the description, which will lead to a page markup break.

    In such cases, it is allowed to add a third parameter: id="tab-description">,</div>,</div> which means that there can be an unlimited number of spaces between the second and third parameters.

    Example 3

    The price list does not contain a link to a web page, but to a description file. When you click on the link, a formatted description text that does not contain HTML tags opens in the browser window.

    In this case, you should use the following parsing parameters:  *,*

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