Option with SKU

    OpenCart assumes that products with different SKUs are different products.

    The plugin searches for a product by SKU (SKU field) and if it finds it, it can update it, including options, attributes, images, description, price... everything that you have set to be updated.

    The SKU specifies a product

    If there are several lines with the same SKU in the price list, the plugin will update the product as many times as the SKU repeats. For example, a price list with 2 products:

    If options are specified in the product lines (column "color"), then the plugin will sequentially add these options to the product if you allow it in "General Buttons":

    And set the processing action to product update mode.

    As soon as the article in the price list changes (see line 6), the plugin will "understand" that a new product has started and it's time to sum up the previous one.

    The SKU specifies an option

    Here is a price list example where the SKU is associated with the option value and not with the product:

    In this case, the plugin cannot separate one product from another and will process all rows as 6 different products with SKUs from column 1.

    Without additional settings in add mode, not 2 products with options will be added to the store, but 6 different products.

    Supplier's form settings

    To process this kind of price list, the plugin needs special settings:

    1. SKU

    The SKU in column 1 is not the product SKU, but the option value SKU. The product SKU has to be present and can be arbitrary. But unique.

    2. Grouping multiple price list lines into one product with options.

    "repeating product indicator" is only used when adding new products to the store.

    In case the price list is missing the product SKU and only the option SKUs are available, you have to manually add a repeating product indicator.

    In column 7, the number 1 is added in those lines that are a product continuation from the previous line. In the line where the product begins, the repetition flag is not set:

    "Repeating product indicator" can be any character, even a space.

    The plugin stores the options SKUs in the product, in the "Options" tab "SKU" field:

    The field option "SKU" is not an OpenCart default field, it is added when installing the plugin (in the database: table product_option_value field optsku).

    Adding products with SKUs in options

    1. Unfortunately, to add new products with SKUs in the options, you have to change the original price list. It is necessary to create and fill in the column "Repeating product indicator". Write down its number in the supplier's form.

    2. Enable the button "SKU specifies: Option".

    3. Set Options tab.

    4. Set Action to "Add and update".

    5. Save the supplier form and start the price list processing.

    Updating products with SKUs in options

    As usual, a price list with three columns is enough to update prices and quantities:

    • SKU
    • Price
    • Quantity

    1. The "Repeating product indicator" field can be left blank.

    2. Enable the button "SKU specifies: Option".

    3. Set Options tab.

    4. Set Action to "Update only".

    5. Save the supplier form and start the price list processing.

    The updating options with SKUs setting has one important detail: you need to prevent the plugin from creating option values in products. To do this, on the supplier form main page in the "General Buttons" you have to set:

    and in the tab "Options" refer to the empty price list column in the field "Value":

    This will prevent the plugin from creating an empty option value in the product.

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