XML price lists with arbitrary tags can contain product SKUs in a separate tag:

    (see the image above - column number 7 <sku>).

    In this case, column #7 can be used as a product SKU. But usually, the suppliers recommend their product id (column #1) as the more reliable.

    And they are right. But if you have several suppliers, then theoretically, different product ids from different suppliers can by chance match.


    If in products, in addition to the id tag, there is also a group_id tag we can assume that the supplier price list contains products with options.

    You can see that the group_id tag is repeated in different products, resembling a price list with options on different lines.

    In such cases, group_id (column 3) should be selected as SKU.

    Product series

    The group_id tag can also be used to create product series.

    Several products that have some common attribute (for example, the same group_id) can be combined into a series using modules "HYPER PRODUCT MODELS" or "KIT SERIES".

    To group products in series, it is enough to fill in the column number containing the series attribute group_id in the "Series" field of the supplier form:

    Optionally, you can specify both the column containing the sort order and the column with the product icon:

    The icon image has to be uploaded to the image/catalog/ folder in advance, and in column 9 of the price list the image path should be in the following form:

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