Series & Product Variants

    Product series in XML price-lists

    The group_id tag can be used to create product series:

    Several products that have some common attribute (for example, the same group_id) can be grouped into a series using Opencart modules "HYPER PRODUCT MODELS" or "KIT SERIES".

    To group products in series, it is enough to fill in the column number containing the series attribute group_id in the supplier form "Series" field:

    Optionally, you can add both the column containing the sort order and the column with the product icon:

    The icon has to be uploaded to the image/catalog/ folder beforehand and in the price list column 9 there has to be a path to the image in the following form:

    Series in tabular price lists - XML Spreadsheet 2003 & Excel files

    As in the previous case, to group several products into series, you need a column containing a group id.

    You can use the parent product SKU as the group id:

    (parent products are underlined in the image with a red line).

    Our example shows three product series. For "Parents", the SKU matches the Parent SKU

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