Option values

    Options give the customer the ability to choose the product variant he needs. For example, the size and/or color:

    In this case, the product has the "Size" option, which has several values to choose from.

    Unlike attributes, option values have a price and quantity, and are added to the product not as text, but by their number - option_id. That's why:

    • changing the option value in the OpenCart admin panel (for example, "Red" to "red") will change this value simultaneously in all products:

    • it is impossible to enter a new option value in the product without first creating it in the "Options" admin panel section

    The plugin can create an option value automatically before it adds that value to the product.

    The term "Create" used in the plugin, in relation to options, means creating the option value, not the "Size" or "Color" option itself:

    Option price

    Each option value has a price, relative to the product price, i.e. plus or minus to the product price. For example, if the product price is 100 and the price of the value "Red" is +10,

    when buying the Red option the price of 110 is added to the cart

    By default, OpenCart does not allow option price =100. When buying, it will add it to the product price and the price of 200 will be added to the cart.

    The plugin can add both absolute (=110) and relative (+10) option prices. This can be set in the supplier's form first tab "Common Buttons":


    First, the plugin adds the option prices as "equal to" (=110) and when all the product options are loaded, the plugin recalculates the prices as "plus" to the product price.

    If the product price is equal to the option price, the option price will become +0

    This happens when the column number with the product prices in the price list matches the column number with the option prices i.e. when the product price is equal to the option price.

    The product price can be set by the plugin as the minimum among the option prices. Then all relative option prices will be prefixed with "+".

    If option and product prices are in different columns, then the product price will be set according to the last product price in the respective column.

    However, this rule can be changed:

    Option quantity

    The sum of all product option quantities becomes the product quantity. Whatever product quantity is loaded from the price list, it will be changed by the plugin after the options are added.

    If options were added or updated with the "Subtract Stock" button enabled:

    option values with zero quantity will not be displayed on the product page.

    Related options

    More precisely, different options with related values.

    For example, if a certain product has in stock red color, size XS and quantity 4 pcs. at a price of 100, we can say that the value "red" is related to the value of "XS".

    When there are related options on the site, and the client selects one of them, the values of the other option are limited only to the available ones.

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