SEO Template

    The "SEO template" tab in the supplier form is designed to automatically fill in meta-data in products, categories and manufacturers, and also allows you to generate product image file names, default descriptions, and URLs.

    The tab works both in add and update mode, depending on your settings:

    If products, categories, or manufacturers were created without meta data, you can add them later using the "Tools" tab. Ex:

    The SEO template fields may remain empty, this means that this tag in the product or category, or manufacturer will not be overwritten.

    How to set the "SEO template" tab?

    The rules for filling in the tab are intuitive, but there are still some nuances.:

    A set in square brackets, consisting of words separated by a vertical bar "|" implies the use of only one of the listed words, randomly chosen. The number of words in square brackets is unlimited.

    This way you can generate unique descriptions, meta titles, and meta descriptions:

    For line break use: <br>

    The numbers from 1 to 20 in square brackets refer to the "Random Text" table at the end of the SEO template:

    This is the same list of random words but without square brackets. Here you can use nested constructs (indicated by an arrow). Nesting depth - up to 6.

    Shortcode [d] - existing description

    This shortcode represents the description that was already in the product before the SEO template processed it. For example, if the task is to add some text to an existing description:

    and perform this tool:


    If you run the "Fix product description using SEO template" tool twice, the result will look like this::

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