Product Image. Upload

    The plugin provides 6 ways to upload product images depending on the price list content.

    1. There is no image link in the price list and no link to the supplier's website page.

    The plugin will not create a new product without an image. An error message will appear in the Report (file admin/uploads/errors):

    Main photo not found. Row ~= "123" SKU = "AZ-12" Product passed

    The line is skipped.

    In order for a product without the main image to be created, you should specify a default image. The default image is used only in products that do not have an image in the price list. Or there is an image that is broken:

    Column 8 (in this example) can point to an empty price list column, but in add mode, it must be specified so that the plugin does not generate an error.

    It is recommended to upload a default image with low quality and small size so that in the future the plugin can replace this image with a better one:

    It is a good practice to use no_image or no-image as a file name for the default image.

    2. Direct image links

    A direct image link is a link that, when clicked, opens an image in the browser. It can be either a link with extensions jpg/png/jpeg/gif/bmp/webp or a link without extension.

    In the price list, links can be placed in separate columns or in one, but with a separator. For example:

    (in column 5 you can see a link without extension, and in column 6 you can see that the links are separated with different separators).

    In the "Column numbers containing links to the image" field, numbers are written, separated by commas. The order of the numbers matters only to determine what the main product image will be. If the main image is located in column 5, then you need to write it first:

    If the link is broken, the plugin will display a message in the Report (admin/uploads/errors.tmp):

    Download photo fails. Row ~= 12 Url = https:/

    If the image from the link was successfully downloaded, but the folder for storing it was not specified on the "Category and margin" tab, the plugin will display a message:

    Please, set folder for photo on page 'Category and margin'  for Category 'название категории' Row ~= 12

    (Create a folder for the image and write it down in the "Category and margin" tab, read more here).

    3. Relative image links or image filenames

    a)Links that do not contain a website address(don't include the domain name of the site), for example:

    the missing part of the link should be filled in here:

    b) Image filenames only:

    In this case, image files have to be uploaded to the site in the folder image/catalog/temp

    without sub-folders.

    When assigning these photos to products, the plugin will copy them to the folders specified on the "Category and margin" tab, therefore, after price list processing, the temp folder can be emptied.

    4. Product images parsing from a website's link

    See here.

    5. Separated image folders for each product


    This method only works for product update mode.

    If in the price list, in the column "Image" there is plain text that does not contain any extensions jpg/png/jpeg/gif/bmp/webp neither slashes nor "http ", then the plugin considers this text as the folder name located in image/catalog/temp

    For each product - a separate folder, each folder - a lot of images.

    5. Attaching images to product


    This method works for both product add and update modes.

    The price list directly indicates where the images are located on your site, for example:

    and the images are already in this folder.

    You should these settings:

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