Cron. Task Settings

    The actions list for the scheduled supplier form processing is should be set in the "Cron" tab:

    Preliminary tasks

    Preliminary tasks are actions from the tools list that are performed before processing the price list.

    Usually, in the preliminary task, tools like: "Quick zero quantity of products", "Set products quantity as input in Field1", "Disable special prices", and "Reset quantity in Options" are included:

    In our example, from 3:00 to 3:59 in the morning, all supplier No.1 "Ukrainian Catholic University" products will be set with quantity 0 (see the previous image).

    Main task

    You can enter an e-mail in the "Execution notice" field so that the plugin sends messages about Cron's work results:

    The price list processing is configured in task #4 "Main task":

    it is enough to fill in the price list link and its format.

    A link with a dynamic date.

    For example, a supplier provides a price list link like this:

    where the date changes every day.

    In such cases, you should replace the date in the link with the [date] text:[date].xml

    uncomment the admin/cron.php file at this line:

    and adjust the date format in the string:

    $dd = date('Y-m-d', $mk);

    for example in this case:

    $dd = date('d-m-Y', $mk);


    To access a price list via FTP, you have to also enter its name, since the folder may contain several price lists intended for other stores or for other purposes:

    If you do not need to download the price list, because it is already in the admin/uploads folder (it was downloaded earlier by another plugin), it is enough to fill in its name and not specify the source:

    No one Preliminary and Final task will not be completed if the price list download fails and the price list is missing in the admin/uploads folder (see cron algorithm).

    In very rare cases, there may be a need to execute only Preliminary and/or Final tasks without processing the price list. In such cases, just skip setting the Main task:

    Final tasks

    It is possible to complete up to 6 final tasks after price list processing. Here are some useful examples:

    1. After processing the price list, among this supplier products, there may be products that have not been updated due to their missing in the price list. These products' quantity should be reset so they do not appear in the store as "In stock":

    • Field1 has a period of 2 hours in case the price list will be processed for more than one hour
    • button - in position "Only this supplier", so that the plugin does not reset other suppliers' products.

    2. After the price list processing, there may be products that are almost out of stock. If you don't want to risk putting them up in stock, add this task:

    • products with quantity 0 or 1 will be disabled
    • applies only to the products of this supplier "Only this".

    3. The product quantity can be specified more flexibly:

    • to the product names, the quantity of which is equal to 1, 2, 3 or 4 will be added the text from Field 1 (out of stock)
    • applies to all products in the store, regardless of which supplier they belong to.

    4. If you are a supplier and provide price lists to client stores, then these couple of tasks will make it possible to automate the process:

    • first, the products are exported to the file admin/uploads/ex.xml with your margin to the prices 0.3%
    • the resulting price list, named products.xml, is copied to the FOLDER folder, which is located at the site root
    • discount can be set using a negative markup percentage, for example: -0.3

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