Supplier Form. Radio Buttons

    On the right side of the supplier form, in each row, there are radio buttons related to the product part presented in this row.

    By default, all buttons are set for product add action from a price list file.

    If the radio button name starts with a red letter, this setting is used when the product is added.

    If the radio button name starts with a green letter, this setting is used when the product is updated.


    "Make it primary." Button for replacing the article number (SKU) in the product

    multiple product skus

    In the case of multiple SKUs, you can change the primary product SKU. Usually, this is used when you have a product from different suppliers in order to update the price or if the supplier has changed the product SKU.


    Button "Update product name"

    product name update

    If you enable it, the plugin will get the text from column 1 of the price list and replace the old product name.

    The button name starts with a green letter, which means that this setting will be used only in product update mode.


    Button "Subtract stock"

    substract stock setting

    Set subtract stock product/option setting.


    opencart add product manufacturer

    "Create in store" adds the manufacturer before it is assigned to the product. Generates the manufacturer's SEO URL. Works only when product is added.

    "Update in product" replaces the product manufacturer.


    Button "Add the images in subfolders"

    image copy and add to folder

    The plugin downloads images to the site using links from the price list or from the pages of the donor site and places them in folders in the image/catalog.

    In order not to accumulate a lot of images in one folder (the site will slow down), the plugin has the ability to assign a separate folder to each product category. Image folders are set on the tab "Categories and margins"

    image folders

    However, if there are a lot of products in the category, then there may be too many images in the folder. The "Add the images in subfolders" button divides the folder into 10 sub-folders with the names "0", "1", "2" ... "9" and evenly distributes the images between them.

    Thus, the image accumulation in one folder is reduced by 10 times.

    The sub-folder for a specific product is selected by the last digit of its product_id

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