Price List

    The price list is:

    • A file containing data in tabular form (rows and columns)
    • An xml file with user-defined tags

    The price list contains products and categories (at least one category per product).

    The product can be in one row or in multiple rows.

    Product details: SKU, Name, Price, Quantity, Description, etc. are arranged in columns, each data is in its own column.

    Price List Requirements

    • No part of the product data should change its column
    • One column can contain only one part of the product data
    • If the product data spans multiple rows, the SKU should be presented on every row
    • Images embedded in the price list are allowed (don't break the process) but are not processed by the plugin
    • Links to images are processed, only for these formats:  jpg/jpeg/png/gif/bmp/webp

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