Installation guide

    Prepare for installation

    • Download the module from here.
    • Check that your OpenCart installation is working correctly and check your OpenCart version.
    • Check the PHP version.
    • Check that the ionCube Loader is installed and running.


    • Open the file: readme/readme_install.txt 
    • Open the file: readme/readme_help.txt
    • Install the module following the steps in readme/readme_install.txt
    • If you have any problems check the troubleshooting in readme/readme_help.txt
    • If you don't have a license key send us your order details at

    Don't worry

    When installing the module no files will be overwritten or changed.

    The plugin is integrated into OpenCart, as its component, and is displayed in the "Suppliers" item in the admin panel menu under the catalog section.

    Module installation menu

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