Product Code (Model)

    The product code can contain arbitrary text, up to 64 bytes long, and can be loaded into the product from the price list:


    The Cyrillic letter is 2 bytes.

    The product code is not used for product identification, the plugin identifies the product by the SKU, so the "Product code" field can be filled in automatically at your choice:

    Since the Product Code is always displayed on the site, it is most convenient to select option 2 or option 4 to see which supplier the product belongs to::

    The supplier number (in this case, 25) is stored in the database in the product table, in the suppler_code field, and is written there when updating the product price or quantity. The supplier number is specified in the supplier form:

    This way, if the product price or quantity is updated from the supplier 25 price list, the number 25 will be written in the suppler_code field. If later, supplier 04 updates the same product, then the suppler_code field will contain the number 4, and an entry will appear in the plugin report file:

    Supplier has been changed: 25 => 4

    It is not always possible to predict in advance to which supplier the product will be assigned after updating prices from several price lists, especially if this button is enabled:

    There is a tool in the Tools that copies the supplier number from the Product Code into the suppler_code field:

    And there is a tool that does the opposite:

    It makes sense to use this function if option 2 or option 4 is set in the "Product Code (Model)" setting. (See above)

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