Product Image. Parsing

    Image parsing is different from text parsing. The description text or product name is a continuous text section of the web page code, and images (image links) can be separated from each other by considerable distances.

    That's why we use "keywords".

    Part of the link cannot be used as a keyword: href, http, jpg, src…

    The link can be active, inactive, full, or relative.

    The keyword can be placed both before the image link and after it. For example:

    Here, the keyword class="thumbnail" is placed before the image link.

    In this case, you can parse the first image this way:

    The occurrence number of the keyword class="thumbnail" is 1, and the link is to the right of the keyword. The keyword position is >1 (to the right of the first keyword occurrence).

    Since the keyword class="thumbnail" is in front of every image on this page, and there are only 4 images on the page, in order to parse them all, you need to use the following settings:



    Parsing "Start,End" keywords

    The image from the previous example could be parsed using the <li keywords. But <li texts are very common on the page - before the image, as well as after the image.

    Parsing "Start,End" keywords show the plugin which part of the page to cut, so that later, in this part of the page look for the keywords <li

    In this case, you can use the texts: class="thumbnails">,</ul> (underlined in red)

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