Manufacturers in admin

    In OpenCart admin in the catalog menu, there is a special section where you can manually add manufacturers, which can then be selected when adding a product.:

    Each manufacturer created here receives its ID - manufacturer_id, which, later on, is recorded in the product data.

    A product may not have a manufacturer (this is not a mistake), however, for SEO, adding a manufacturer is a good practice. Unfortunately, in the default Opencart, there are not enough possibilities to add the manufacturer data (multilanguage description, meta title, meta description). There are other Opencart-based platforms that do it - ocStore, OPENCART.PRO, also some modules include this functionality:

    Manufacturer in product

    The plugin automatically adds a manufacturer to the product if the manufacturer is in the price list column and the number of this column is set in the supplier form in the "Manufacturer" row:

    If the manufacturer is missing from the price list the plugin will add the default manufacturer set in the supplier form (see the image above). If a default manufacturer is not set the product will be added without a manufacturer.

    The default manufacturer will be added only when in add mode(the setting name starts with a red letter).

    When adding a product, the plugin can create its manufacturer on the site if it is not created already. You can enable this in the supplier form:

    You have two settings depending on the form action

    The button starting with a red letter works only in product add mode, the green one - only in update mode.

    By default, the plugin creates a manufacturer in the store and generates its SEO URL by its name. If your installation supports the other manufacturer data you can set the SEO template to generate it:

    On the fly manufacturer's name replacement

    It often happens that the manufacturer in your store has a different name, not the same as in the price list or on the supplier's website. The plugin allows you to change the name of the manufacturer on the fly when adding it.

    Using Excel create an xml table(use the format Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet) with 2 columns:

    Save it as manufacturer.xml and upload it in the admin/uploads folder on your server.

    Manufacturers editing tools

    In the "Tools" tab there is a group of brown-green color functions:

    Basically, all tools are intuitive here.

    1. The term "Fix" means the unconditional replacement of the old text with the new one. Provided that the new text from the SEO template is not empty.

    The term "Fill in empty" means that the non-empty text from the SEO template will fill in the blank metadata.

    2. Manufacturer's URL is automatically generated by the plugin from the name. All SEO standards are followed: special characters are removed, Cyrillic letters are transliterated into Latin lowercase letters, and spaces are replaced with hyphens. For example:

    • Name: "Banana Republic"
    • URL: banana-republic
    If you have changed the name of the manufacturer in the admin panel, run this tool.

    3. The plugin will not create manufacturers with the same name, but you can do it, intentionally to remove quasi-duplicates. For example:

    If you rename the manufacturer Asus Corporation to Asus to get a duplicate, and then use function 3, then all products will be "moved" to one manufacturer, and the other one will be deleted.


    See parsing product name.

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