Specials and Discounts

    Customer Groups provide a greater organizational scheme for the customer list. This is helpful in selecting customer groups for discounted products and specials in the store, and for sending out emails to select customers. The default customer group for OpenCart is called "Default" and all unregistered users belong to it. You can create unlimited customer groups and assign the registred users to them :

    Each customer group has an ID:

    For each product and for each customer group, you can set a separate Discount or Special price, valid for a given period of time: from the "start date" to the "end date".


    The special price is displayed on the product page along with the regular price and doesn't depend on the purchased quantity:

    You can set a different special price for each customer group. When the special prices are imported from a price list, they have to be in separated columns for each customer group. For example 4,8 and 9

    Text 4,8,,,9 explanation:

    • column 4 contains the price for customer group ID 1
    • column 8 contains the price for customer group ID 2
    • column 9 contains the price for customer group ID 5


    Often suppliers indicate the promotional price in this form:

    if there is an "Old price" in the price list, it means that the column "Special price for Gr.2" contains the special price, and if there is no "Old price", it means that the column "Special price for Gr.2" contains the regular product price.

    The plugin can work with this format. You have to fill in the old price column number in the field "Price" and the special price column number in the field "special prices":


    Discount price is the product price that a customer who belongs to a certain customer group sees.

    The discount, unlike the special one, depends on the purchased quantity.

    Discounts are set in the "Price" field. For example:

    Text 5,4,8(6)7(3)10(11),,,9(20=) explanation:

    • column 5 - regular price
    • column 4 - price for group ID 1 when buying one piece
    • column 8 - price for group ID 2 when buying quantity from column 6
    • column 7 - price for group ID 2 when buying quantity from column 3
    • column 10 - price for group ID 2 when buying quantity from column 11
    • column 9 - price for group ID 5 when buying from 20 pieces

    For example: Set the price for the customer group ID 2 - "Distributors" from price list column 7, when buying 4 pcs. :  5,,7(4=)

    • column 5 - regular price
    • in column 7 - the price for customer group ID 2 is after the 2nd comma
    • (4=) means: when buying 4 pcs.


    The Tools tab has several functions for working with specials and discounts::

    1. All products selected according to the filter above the Action will have a special price set as a percentage of the product price. For example, to set a special price 5% less than the regular product price for customer group ID 2, you need to do the following:

    2. Specials and promotions' start or end date is set in the format yyyy-mm-dd, for example:

    3. To set a fake action means raising the product's regular price and at the same time lowering it to the same value with a special price. For example, the product has a regular price of 100, but after applying the tool:

    this is what will happen:

    Specials and Discounts default date start and date and

    When updating a promotion or discount in product data, the plugin automatically sets the start date to yesterday, and the end date is 10 days later.

    The "Fake action" start date is set as 2000-01-02 which is a flag for the plugin to distinguish the fake special prices.

    If you want to change the default time period (9 days), you have to change the module code. Open the file admin/model/catalog/suppler.php and change all lines:

    $plus_days = mktime(0, 0, 0, date('m'), date('d')+10, date('Y'));

    replace the number of days (the number 10) with what is better for you.

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