Options. Export Import

    Product with options export is commonly used to transfer products from site to site.


    The plugin exports products to a tabular price list (XML Spreadsheet 2003), file admin/uploads/ex.xml in "one product - one line" format.

    There are slight setting differences for importing products with SKU in options from a file created by the plugin. This is because the plugin exports option SKUs into a single cell with a semicolon separator:

    Column 3 contains the SKUs of M, S, and L values of the "Size" option, and column 1 has the product SKU.


    1. Product SKU on the supplier's form main page:

    Note the "SKU specifies" button is set to "Product".

    2. You have to set options import rules in the "General Buttons" section:

    3. "Options" tab:

    The only case where the field "SKUs separated by a semicolon" is used.

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