Product Image. Troubleshooting

    Here are the most common problems that can arise when uploading/updating product images, which the plugin reports in the Report, in the admin/uploads/errors.tmp file.

    Any photo not found.

    Any photo not found. Row ~= 2 SKU = LGX135.ACISKW-12 Default photo expected

    No images are found in the price list column 6,7,8 set in the supplier form:

    check the price list columns and fix the form settings (in our example is 5,6,7)

    Download main photo fails.

    Download main photo fails. Url: Row ~= 2 SKU = LGX135.ACISKW-12

    1. A broken link.

    The plugin cannot download the image from the link the link is broken. You can verify this by pasting it into your browser.:

    2. The link contains illegal/unsafe/invalid characters

    For example, a space substitute %20 to be replaced with a space

    or vice versa, a space to be replaced with %20 full/cat1.jpg

    If the link shows two hyphens in a row

    then most likely the second dash is a -

    The plugin can fix links on the fly. To do this, you need to open the code and write what symbol in the link you need to change, and to what:

    • open the file admin/model/catalog/suppler.php
    • find this line: "заменить в ссылке на фото текст john на Sam"
    • instead of john, write the text that you are changing, and instead of Sam, write the text on which you are changing
    • remove the comment from the line in which the changes were done

    Site no answer.

    Row ~= 12  url =  Site no answer

    The most annoying error that happens when parsing images (and not just images) is when the site donor is protecting itself from your parsing, suspecting that you are carrying out a DDOS attack.

    The problem occurs because of the speed with which the plugin on your site requests the donor site pages. A real person cannot view 2-3 site pages in 1 second. This looks like a DDOS attack.

    The donor site can ban your site by IP, then you will have to look for another donor or parse from a file. If it's not too late, turn on the button:

    Photo has not been write.

    Row ~= 12 SKU = ACISKW-12  Can not create folder: "photo", create it manually

    There is no folder on the server for this category. The folder "photo" was set in the "Category and Margin" tab, but was not created.

    The plugin tried to create it, but it did not have enough permissions. Create the folder image/catalog/example/photo manually.

    Please, set folder for photo.

    Please, set folder for photo on page 'Category and margin'

    Set image folder path for the product category in the "Category and Margin" tab:

    this field is required.

    Photo not parsed.

    Photo not parsed: Row ~= 12  url = -1

    Invalid keywords specified for image parsing. As a result, from the donor's site web page, the plugin parsed some text that did not look like a link.Read more about image parsing

    Cyrillic symbols in the image link

    The image is not loaded due to Cyrillic characters.

    In the file admin/model/catalog/suppler.php find the text:

    Убрать комментарий если ссылка кириллическая

    Remove the comment and save the file:

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