Attributes. Filter

    Default Opencart filter

    Unlike additional filtering modules that use product attributes and options, the default OpenCart filter works with filters and filter groups pre-created in Admin -> Filters.

    Using the site's filter allows visitors to quickly and conveniently find the desired product groups without browsing through dozens or hundreds of categories:

    In this example, filter groups are marked in red. The filter groups should be created manually in the admin panel in the "Filters" section:

    The plugin will do the rest of the work.

    Filters import

    The following sequence of actions is recommended:

    1. Make an export of products belonging to a certain category ("Tools" tab):

    In the export price list (file admin/uploads/ex.xml) find the columns with product attributes:

    2. Set up product attributes update, as follows:

    3. Set the attribute update rules in the supplier's form first tab, save the form, and start file processing.

    As a result, filters in groups will be created in the admin panel:

    and in the products in the "Links" tab the filters will be filled:

    4. In the admin panel, go to the category whose products you exported (in our example Laptops & Notebooks ->Category Filter Demo ) and select the filters that should be shown in this category:

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