Product Description

    In the supplier form, this row is used to set the Product Description:

    In the "Description" field, it is allowed to fill in several price list columns, separated by a period, in order to combine their contents into a single text. Example:

    As a result, the imported product description becomes:

    a space between texts inserted automatically.

    "Update description" Select

    On the right side of the "description" row, as usual, there are update buttons:

    The green color indicates a button or select that works only in update mode:

    • "Never" - does not allow updating product description, but allows adding a description when adding a product
    • "Always" - update the description every time the price list is processed
    • "If it is higher quality" - compares the existing description with the price list description or parsing result by the number of lines, paragraphs, and the number of letters. If the new one is better, the old one is replaced.
    • "If it is empty" - updates the existing description if it is less than 5 symbols.
    • "By SEO template" - generate new description using more product data and custom text. You can read more about the SEO tab.

    Field "Description default"

    In this field, you can enter a free text that will be added as a product description in case the description is empty or not parsed.

    You can set the encoding here:

    "Merge with the description" Select

    Attaches an additional description from the price list or parsed to the existing product description. This additional description can be attached to an existing one, both before it and after it:

    In this case, the setting "Update description" should be set to "Always".

    "<br>" (new line) is automatically inserted between two descriptions

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