Cron. Algorithm and Terms

    Task list

    For each supplier form, a task list can be set. The main task processes the price list according to the supplier's form first page settings. You can add up to 3 preliminary and up to 6 final tasks. Preliminary tasks are performed before price list processing and final tasks after.

    Each task list is configured in the supplier form "Cron" tab and is applicable for a specific price list.

    Each price list has its own task list:

    Work algorithm

    As you know, any price list can be processed by its supplier form by pressing the button "Start from admin/uploads":

    This launch method is used if the price list is larger than the hosting limits.

    The price list is uploaded in advance to the site using FTP, to the admin/uploads folder and renamed to 14.xml , 14.xls or 14.xlsx, or 14.csv depending on the file format, where 14 is the supplier's form number.

    You can manage Cron work on suppliers list page, enabling and disabling cron for specific supplier form:

    The number in brackets (0) means the execution priority.

    Cron work rules

    • Cron executes all tasks that are enabled, according to the priority and the specified execution time.
    • No task can start executing until the previous one finishes, so the task start time is set not with an accuracy of a minute but with with an accuracy of 1 hour.
    • The old price list is automatically deleted before the new price list is downloaded.
    • None of the preliminary or final tasks will be performed if the price list download fails.
    • A detailed report on the Cron work can be viewed on the server, in the folder admin/uploads

    The main Cron settings and its work summary results are displayed on the suppliers-list page:

    1. Price list processing date and time.
    2. Number of lines in report / errors files (see Report).
    3. The task start settings: hour number, week number, month number (comma-separated values are allowed).

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