Competitor Price

    On the supplier's form the main page, there is a block designed to adjust prices in accordance with the prices for the same products in competitors' stores:

    Our goal: to set our prices lower than the competitors' ones, but not lower than the purchase price.

    How it works

    • For each product from the price list, the plugin collects prices from competitor sites (there is no limit to the number of the sites).
    • From the resulting array of prices, the plugin calculates the optimal product price, according to the settings in the "Analysis of Competitor prices" block.
    • If the calculated price is higher than the purchase price, the plugin will change the product price with this price.

    Therefore, the "Purchase Price" field cannot be left blank. It must point to the price list column containing the purchase price for each item. If the supplier's price list does not have a separate "Purchase price" column then the regular product price (without markup) can be considered as the purchase price.

    1. Initially, you need to add links to the competitors' website pages to the supplier's price list. This is done manually and once:

    2. Set up the price parsing parameters for each competitor similar to a regular price parsing:

    make sure that the prices with the specified parameters are parsed correctly.

    3. Adjust the "Analysis of Competitor prices" tab and process the price list once. The plugin will save competitors' links from columns 4,5 and 6 in products and will use them in the future. That is, in the future, to update the competitors' prices, this price list will be enough:

    or simple, do it from the "Tools" tab with one click without a price list:

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