Option. Image

    Each option value can have one or more images. Images can only be uploaded from a link in the price list.

    All images for each option value have to be placed in one price list cell and separated by "semicolon" and/or "comma":

    Column 5 contains image links for different "Color" option values. Some values have two images, and some have one. Line 11 shows the image file names in the image/catalog/temp folder

    In the supplier's form settings in the "Options" tab, it is enough to enter the column number with the image:

    The price list fragment in the first image can be used to demonstrate the difference between default OpenCart and a third-party module working with option images.

    OpenCart standard

    Two products have the option value White. The plugin will first assign the line 2 product option image to the option value "White". Then when processing the next lines will replace it with the line 10 product option image. According to the OpenCart standard, the option value White can have one image that will be used for all products.

    Working with option images in standard Opencart involves using small monochrome images rather than full-fledged products images

    To upload images according to the OpenCart standard, use this setting:

    In the "General Buttons" section on the supplier's form main page.

    Options images and third-party OpenCart modules.

    Here, option images are linked not only to the option value name but also to the product. Therefore, different products may have different option images for the same White value.

    The module "Options images PRO, allows you to assign several images to one option value (comma-separated in the price list, see the first image).

    Usually, third-party modules record the option image into the product_option_value table in a custom field. If you fknow the name of this field (usually: "image") and enter it in the file admin/model/catalog/suppler.php in this place:

    after line:  if ($upOptionFoto == 4) { it will be possible to upload option images using this setting:

    Single line options

    If the options in the price list are presented on a single line with separators, then the options images have also be placed on the same line. Here is an example when the option value has only one image:

    Different option values images have to be separated by a semicolon, regardless of which character separates option values, prices, and quantities.

    If each option value has several images, these images have to be separated by a comma. The image below shows the general scheme:

    It is in this format that the plugin exports the product options.

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