Cron. Buttons

    Cron task management

    You can manage the cron tasks work using three buttons located above the suppliers' list:

    1. Restarts the tasks' execution sequence, the execution starts from the beginning. The Period starts counting from zero.
    2. Continues tasks executing from where they stopped.
    3. Stops executing tasks. It is used in cases when it is necessary to urgently execute any Instrument or process an unscheduled price list. The task progress is recorded so when you click the "Cron Continue" button, the process will continue from the same place where it was stopped.

    If after clicking the "Cron Hold" button, it lights up in red, then the command was not executed and it needs to be repeated after some time when the running cron task ends or a timeout occurs.

    Unscheduled task start

    You can start one specific cron task by clicking the "Cron Start" button on the supplier form:

    This button is designed to be able to start processing large price lists without constantly pressing F5 when timeouts occur.


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