Product Categories. Update

    If the plugin needs to know the main product category in order to add a margin, it will do it on its own.

    Select: "Show in category"

    In update mode, only the last 3 green selects can be used. The red ones are for product add mode only.

    Common error:

    Categories are filled in by listing column numbers separated by commas, starting with the lowest. For example, the categories in the price list are presented as follows:

    How to move products from one category to another

    Suppose you want to remove mixers from the Food Processors category and place them in the Mixers and For kitchen categories.

    1. Set the form this way.

    If you want to keep mixers in the Food Processors category, and additionally show them in the Mixers and Household Appliances categories, then your settings should be:

    In this case, the "Category" field cannot be empty.

    The names of the parent (senior) categories in the price list, in this case: "For kitchen", "For home" and "Household appliances", must exactly match the names of the categories in the store.

    2. Change product categories using "Tools"

    Let see two examples:

    • Filter the products from category and add additonal category for them:

    • Show products in another categry:

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