Product Description. Content

    The description may contain images and videos. Enable this button:


    In the source(price list or parsed text), the image should be embedded with html tag <img . For example:

    The plugin downloads the image from its URL

    and saves it in the folder image/catalog/description on your site, changes the image file name, keeping the original image size:

    <img src="../image/catalog/description/350.jpg" width="180" height="180" />

    As a result, the image is displayed in your product description:

    If the image sizes width and height are missing in the html code, the plugin will save it with size by default - 180px. You can change this by adding different sizes in the file admin/model/catalog/suppler.php. Find this part of the code:


    In the source(price list or parsed text), the video should be embedded with html tag <iframe>:

    <iframe src="//" width="640" height="360"></iframe>

    The plugin embeds the video without any changes.

    New line

    Often the description is added as a single line. This is due to the fact that in the source, the new lines were added with characters unfamiliar to OpenCart, for example, in Excel, this is the alt+Enter character. It turns out::

    The tool "Find and Replace in product description" will help to slightly correct the situation. You need to find a pair of characters "dot + space" and replace them with a tag <br>:

    (on the image above, in the "Find" field, the cursor is left visible to show the space after the dot).

    "Create description by SEO template" button.

    Starts with a red letter, this means that this button works only in the product add mode.

    It is used in cases where there are no product descriptions or they are incomplete

    The SEO template allows you to add custom words and texts, product attributes or option values, and other product data and thus enrich product descriptions.

    • Read more about the SEO template here.
    • Another tool to generate unique product descriptions is the Antiplagiator. Read more here.

    Description editing tools

    In the tab "Tools" there is a group of bulk editing functions:

    1. The function removes the product descriptions along with tags, in the language that is currently enabled in the admin panel as the administrator's language.

    2. Removes all links in descriptions, excluding links to your own site and PDF links. Only the text remains, the link tags and the URL addresses are removed.

    3. Removes from product descriptions a piece of text from word 1 to word 2 inclusive of word 1 and word 2.

    4. Removes from product descriptions a piece of text after the word 1 - before the word 2. The text between words is deleted.

    5. Before starting this function, you need to fill in the SEO template and save the supplier form. The old description will be deleted and replaced with the new one.

    It is possible to keep the old description and only enrich it with new text. To do this, the SEO template uses the [d] tag, which denotes the old description.

    Add text after the existing description:

    Add text before the existing description:


    If you use function 5 twice, the added text will be duplicated:

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