Product Price

    The product price row looks like this:

    In the "Price" field, enter the number of the price list column, which contains the product price. The plugin can work with different price formats:

    • numbers with a decimal point or comma: 1234.5 or 1234,5
    • numbers with currency symbol: 1234,5 грн. or $1234.5
    • numbers with a thousands separator: 1 234.5 ор 1'234.5

    During processing, prices are rounded to 2 decimal places:  1234.50

    Product add - Empty price or price 0

    If there is no product price in the price list, the product will be skipped. Only products with prices greater than 0 are processed:

    (in column 4, in this example).

    You can change this rule using the "Set minimum option price as product price" button. This setting has a dual purpose:

    • sets minimum option price as to product price
    • allows the product in the price list to have an empty, text, or zero price (the price will be set as 0).

    Product update - Empty price or price 0

    You can change this rule by forcing a price update:

    No other Actions will update the price.

    Recommended price

    Sometimes suppliers require products to be sold no cheaper than their recommended price, which is located in the price list in a separate column. In this case, in the "Recommended price" field, enter the number of this column:

    For the plugin, column 5 will take precedence over column 4. I.e. if in column 5, in a certain product, there is a number, then it will become the price of the product, otherwise, the product price will be the number from column 4.

    Field "Currency Code"

    If in the price list, the product's prices are presented in different currencies, a column with a currency code is required. For example:

    In this case, you should set column 3 in the field "Currency code":

    The plugin will recalculate the prices according to the respective currency values in the site settings.

    Price list currency

    If all prices in the price list are in the same currency, but this currency is not your site's default currency, you can set the currency code for the entire form:

    or set the rate as a number: 27.3

    Setting "Update price if"

    If different suppliers have the same product with the same SKU, then the product price will be set according to the supplier's price list that was processed last.

    If you select this option:

    The product will have the lowest price among all suppliers whose price lists have been processed.

    The other options are self-explaining.

    The purchase price

    is used with "Analysis of competitor's prices" only.

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