Categories. Category Image

    The category images are an important element in the site's design and the subcategory images are also important for better navigation.

    opencart category image

    But if you have a lot of categories, it is hard to add images from admin for everyone.



    Under the "Tools" tab you have two tools to add category images automatically:

    add category images automatically

    The plugin will take 10 random product images from the category, or if there are no products in the category, it will take them from a subcategory. The best quality image will be assigned to the category.

    Tool 1. If the category has already an image, the plugin will not replace it. Exceptions are photos that have in their name no_photo, no_image, no_thumb or no-photo, no-image, no-thumb. Such images will be replaced.

    Tool 2. Replaces all category images with new ones.

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