Product Quantity

    This row in the supplier's form is responsible for the product quantity:

    Field "Quantity"

    If you enter the number of the price list column containing any number in the "Quantity" field, then this number will be loaded as the product quantity.

    If in the price list, in the specified column 14 (see example above), there is no number or is 0, then the plugin will set the quantity by default - to 9 (see example above).

    If you don't provide product quantity in the price list and the quantity by default is not set: In add mode, the product will not be added. In update mode, the product price will not be updated.

    It often happens in the price list that the quantity of the product is in several columns

    You can sum the quantities from different columns of the price list this way:

    (use a comma as a separator, spaces are not allowed)


    However, there may be other ways to set the quantity in the price list. For example:

    All values from column 14 except row 6 will be interpreted as 0 unless you use your own interpreter:

    You don't need to interpret the values "No" and "Out of stock" as they are already zero.

    Numerical values can also be interpreted.

    "Subtract Stock" button

    Has a dual purpose:

    • sets product setting "Subtract Stock"
    • sets product options setting "Subtract Stock"

    The button works both when adding a product and when updating.

    "Discount(%)" field

    With this field, you can set quantity discount in percent.

    (comma separator. When buying from 4 to 9 pieces - 2% discount, when buying from 10 to 14 pieces - 5% discount ...)

    Product with options

    If the product has options, then the product quantity is calculated automatically as the sum of the option values quantities. In this case, the quantity from column 14 (see example above) is ignored.

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