Product Name

    The "Product Name" section has only one button:

    which allows or forbids the plugin to update the product name in the store.

    In the product add mode, the plugin uses all available options to create the product as complete as possible. He does not need any additional settings and buttons.

    If the product URL is automatically generated in add mode, it will remain unchanged when the product name is changed. You can regenerate the product URL with another setting under the form general settings (the gray section at the form bottom) using the "Update url" setting:

    Take note:

    Product Name Generation

    The product name can not only be taken from the specified price list column or parsed from a third-party site but also generated artificially. For example, a price list contains the following content:

    If in the "Product name" field we add several columns separated by a period:

    the product name will be generated by the column content separated by spaces(spaces between words are inserted automatically).

    Product Name Parsing

    The product name is parsed according to the same rules as the SKU, description, manufacturer... everything that is a text.

    For example, in the page code, the product name is between the parameters content="  end  "

    If the parameter


    occurs in many places, you need to set the parsing start parameter:


    the first and the last spaces in the product name will be removed automatically.

    In the example above, the link to the product page is in column 12 of the price list.

    Set the encoding here:

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