Form Actions

    With a supplier form you can perform different actions:

    • Add new products
    • Update products
    • Add new and update products
    • Create categories based on the price list product categories
    • Tools

    Each mode can be selected from the "Action" menu:

    supplier form actions

    Actions with green letters work only with product update mode.

    Add only

    With this action, the plugin does not update site products even if they are in both the price list and store. Only new products are added.


    • Price list (with as much as possible product information)
    • Set the form according to the price list columns (you can use the product parsing parameters as well)
    • Click the "Start" button or set a cron job

    Update only

    With this action, we usually update the product prices and quantities.


    • Price list (the minimum required columns are: SKU, price, and quantity)
    • Set the form
    • Click the "Start" button or set a cron job

    If you want to update other product parts, for example, images, description, attributes, manufacturer, you have to specify this using various interface buttons, for example:

    opencart product update from a price list

    Add and update

    With this action, the plugin adds new products from the price list and updates the already existing in the store products.

    Create categories

    Creating the category structure has nothing to do with adding or updating products. This is a separate process, as a result of which categories are created in the store along with their SEO, image, and hierarchy.

    • Price list - Required columns are: category name and parent category (can be more than one). Optional: link to the category image
    • Price list settings with categories columns ordered from child to parent.
    • Click the "Start" button


    The plugin offers more than 270 tools for mass update of products, options, attributes, manufacturers, and categories. You don't need a price list, it works directly with the site database, for example:

    opencart mass product update

    For all categories selected in the filter:

    - From the products in the category, the best quality image is selected and placed as a category image.

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