Categories. SEO URL and Metadata

    Category URL

    When you create categories from a file, the SEO URL is created from the category name. Ex. if the category name is "Men's T-shirts", the URL will become "men-s-t-shirts"

    Read more about how to create and edit the categories.

    Category Meta Data

    The category meta title and meta description can be generated or edited using the SEO template in the supplier form. The shortcodes are replaced by the dynamic data when the categories are created.

    Opencart meta title generation

    Read how to use the SEO Template.

    If you created the categories without meta data, or they were created before the plugin installation, you can edit them using the "Tools". There are several instruments to work with categories.

    edit opencart categores

    If some fields are left blank in the SEO template, then these fields will not change in the categories. For example, you only need to change meta_description without changing meta_h1 and meta_title:

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