Product Attributes

    There are three ways to add attributes to products, depending on the source data.

    1. Import from the price list (attributes are not created)

    If the attributes are displayed in columns in the price list

    it is enough to enter these column numbers on the "Attributes" tab in the supplier's form:

    select the appropriate site's attribute in the drop-down menu and set the import rules on the "General" tab:

    If there is no corresponding attribute in the drop-down menu, then you need to create it manually in the OpenCart admin panel in the "Attributes" section.

    The image above shows that the values from column 5 are loaded into the store attribute, which belongs to the "Technical" group, and the rest of the attributes selected in the menu belong to Group #1, which is called three spaces.

    In the "Tools" tab, there is a function "Export - attributes in columns", which exports the selected products into a price list, displaying each attribute in a separate column (see the first image).

    The price list obtained after this export can be used to redistribute attributes in Groups:

    using this action:

    Notice: the product is not updated if there is no price, the quantity is exhausted or there is no data on price or quantity. Attributes will not be updated for such products.

    2. Import from the price list (attributes are created automatically)

    For the plugin to automatically create an attribute in the OpenCart admin panel, in the price list, the attribute name should be next to its value, on the right or left. It is also possible to indicate the attribute group as well:

    If the attribute group is not specified, the plugin creates an attribute in Group #1 - three spaces.

    "Attributes" tab settings:

    Значения атрибутов, здесь, находятся в четных колонках прайса 2, 4 и 6, а названия - в колонках слева.

    Attribute names can also appear in the columns on the right. In this case, the settings will be like this:

    In the "Tools" tab, there is a function "Export", which exports the selected products to a price list, displaying all attribute values in an even column.

    It seems that the attributes are arranged randomly, but this is only at first glance. The name of each attribute is to the left of the value:

    and setting up the "Attributes" tab will be simple: only even numbers are written in the fields on the left, starting from the number 104:

    Life hack

    You can export products so that you can see which products are missing a particular attribute.

    For example, you need to know which products do not have the "Warranty" attribute in order to add it:

    As a result, only one attribute is exported:

    As can be seen, the "Guarantee" is missing in products 1, 5, and 6.

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