Cron. Troubleshooting

    The stability of cron work is highly dependent on the server. More precisely, from the server software settings.

    It often happens that the price list processing is interrupted on the file's first lines for no apparent reason, but after restarting the server, the cron tasks start working fine again... for a while.

    Issues and solutions

    Issue 1: Price list processing is interrupted.

    Solution: Run the price list downloaded by cron by clicking the button "Start from admin/uploads".

    • If the problem reappears, then cron has nothing to do with it, look for the answer in the price list encoding or enable functions PHP mbstring in the Host's Control Panel.
    • If the price list has been processed to the end, run the cron from the browser (see at the end of the page). Look for errors in System -> Maintenance -> Error log, discuss them with hosting support.
    • Try connecting to the cron.php file without using wget, like this:
      /usr/local/bin/php /home/аккаунт/domains/сайт/public_html/admin/cron.php
    • Ask tech support to disable the ModSecurity feature
    • Click the "Cron reset" button
    • Update the admin/cron.php file if a new version is available
    • Go to each supplier form and click "Save"
    • Restart the server

    Issue 2: The cron.php program does not download the price list.

    Solution: Try with moving the file name directly into the link:

    Ask the supplier to remove special characters from the login and password

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